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1. What is Hyperscore®?
2. How can I get Hyperscore®?
3. Why is Hyperscore® no longer free?

1. What is Hyperscore®?
Hyperscore is a music composition software developed and distributed by Harmony Line, the company running H-Lounge.

It’s a unique graphic interface that allows even people with little formal music training to make great music.

2. How can I get Hyperscore®?
Please visit for the download page.

3. Why is Hyperscore® no longer free?
We have put a lot of work and effort into making Hyperscore® an awesome piece of software for music composition. We just could no longer distribute it for free.
But there are perks: Hyperscore® Plus has unlimited song length and allows you to save the files as MIDI, something our users had been longing for!


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