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Control your Digital Music Distribution.
Keep your Creative Freedom.

H-Lounge is a digital music distributor that enables artists and labels to sell their music as MP3s and Ringtones directly to their fans.

Find out how using H-Lounge to distribute your music as Ringtones and MP3 directly to your fans on yours and your fans’ websites gives you the control of your online music distribution and your creative freedom.

Discover how using H-Lounge to distribute music of your clients as Ringtones and MP3s through H-Lounge can save you money and earn more profit as well as gain exposure and promotion for your label and artists.

A Ringtone, MP3 and Skypetone for only $1 and Never lose it once you buy one from H-Lounge because you can download any music you’ve bought from H-Lounge multiple times.

Are you an artist manager or record label? Want more information about promoting and distributing your artists’ music on H-Lounge? Contact us at

H-Lounge is the next generation of digital music distribution.
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