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Winner Announced! Congratulations Psyche Origami!

Psyche Origami walks away with the iPod® Nano and our coveted gold loungecake trophy icon. Check out Psyche Origami's music.

Stay tuned for the next H-Lounge contest!

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Original Contest Rules
It’s pretty much as simple as it sounds. Whoever reaches 50,000 unique views for one song walks away with a shiny new iPod.

LoungeBot will announce the rank every Monday in the competition forum. Final winners will the be announced by Loungebot and Drinky the Goldfish, pictured right, our official contest sponsor. Previous contest winners are not elibigle.

Tips and Tricks
Only unique IP addresses count, so don’t waste your time refreshing the page where your H-Player is embedded. It won’t help. People who attempt to rig our poor contests will be hunted down like dogs.

  • Use your best song.
  • Think where the busiest and the most crowded places are. It might be your MySpace, Xanga or your friend’s MySpace. Put the H-Player code into that page and start racking up views.
  • Keep promoting the page... you need to literally force people to keep viewing the page. People hate marketing, so you have to be relentless.

Hyper-what? What is going on? Help I'm stupid!

For the people that are thinking 'What’s the hell is an embeddable H-Player?' . It's looks like this picture:

Ok, I know what it looks like now. How do I go about putting one somewhere?

1. Click anywhere in the white bar at the bottom left and copy (Ctrl-C) the code.
2. Login to your MySpace account and click on 'Edit Profile'.

3. Paste (Ctrl-V) the code into your 'About Me' section, or wherever you want the H-Player to appear.

... and that's it.

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Current User Competitions:

Competition Winners:
Richard Spends Money On You
Sponsored by: Richard

Fart Noises
By: Devils Dog
Prizes: 26,000 Loungecakes + trophy
2oo8 vworlds music mid year award
Sponsored by: VWORLDS

Classical recycling
By: rock4p
Sponsored by: flipside77

Classical recycling
By: rock4p
rock competition
Sponsored by: magpie

Ideals Vs. Reality
By: flipside77
happy music
Sponsored by: masterblaster

Slow: Gorillaz Country
By: flipside77
Sponsored by: steevee

smiliey face
By: masterblaster
let's put sum life bac on dis site!
Sponsored by: Like Mike

Dream Battle
By: steevee
Final Showdown
Sponsored by: flipside77

Mighy Morphin Power Ranger
By: collerthanyou22
magpie rules
Sponsored by: magpie

By: steevee
Sponsored by: daisysticks2me

By: steevee

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