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H-Lounge gives you the freedom to listen to your purchased music wherever and whenever you want. You never lose it after you download it because you can download any music you’ve bought from H-Lounge multiple times.

With a single purchase, you can have it on your iPod, your cell phone, or use it whenever you chat with your friends on Skype.

Why H-Lounge?

  1. Free Account
  2. Multiple downloads
  3. $1 = MP3 + Ringtone + Skypetone
  4. Interact with artists

H-Lounge creates a unique environment where fans and communicate directly with their favorite artists. Let your favorite artists know you support their music. You can message, comment, chat, and send gifts to artists and other fans and as well.

Can’t find a song you like on H-Lounge?
Tell your favorite artists about H-Lounge and let them know you’re interested in buying their music through H-Lounge.

Sign up today and become a part of the next generation of music ownership!

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