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Why am I interested in selling my music as digital form?

As album sales slump, download sales rise. Physical CDs are becoming more of a promotional tool than a source of revenue. The music-buying habits of your fans are shifting towards digital freedom and ownership.

Thanks to Internet revolution, you now have more outlets to sell your music to fans without the need for labels or big digital distribution malls.

With H-Lounge, we make all of that a simple, headache-free process. Simply because we are relentlessly determined to give artists the easiest, cheapest (FREE) and fastest way to sell their music as Ringtones and MP3s to their fans. Wherever. Whenever.
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Why H-Lounge?

  • It’s Free
  • Opt Out Anytime
  • Monthly Payout
  • Higher Royalties
  • Non-Exclusive Agreement
  • Instant Distribution
  • Free Promotional Tools

How much do I make?
Our revenue share program is probably the most aggressive in the world. Depending how much you sell, you can earn up to 90% of the revenue.
To find out more about royalties and revenue, check out the Revenue Share Page.

How do I sell my music?
Once you have sign up, all you have to do is upload your own music onto H-Lounge to begin to sell it! Remember, it is still up to you to promote your music and tell your fans they can now buy it.

How do I promote my music?
H-Lounge provides its artists with various tools and advice to help them promote and sell their music. One of these is an embeddable widget that can be posted onto other websites. To find out more, check out Artist Promotions.

Do I keep the rights to my music?
Yes! H-Lounge uses a non-exclusive agreement that allows artists to sell, distribute and do whatever they want to do with their music outside of H-Lounge. If you made it, you should be allowed to choose what to do with it!

Why does H-Lounge sell both MP3s and Ringtones together?
Ringtones have become a popular form of a status symbol and self-expression. This is essentially free promotion for the artist to anyone who is within proximity of the consumer. However, most people still reserve their ringtone space for songs they most enjoy and will tend not to spend money on a ringtone from rather unknown musicians.

What H-Lounge does is package the ringtone with the MP3 so when someone buys a song, they are automatically given the ringtone. We believe that buyers will be more willing to use your song as their ringtone when they are already given the option to without the need to purchase it again.

So what do I do now?

  1. Sign up
  2. Upload music
  3. Promote yourself
  4. Get paid

H-Lounge keeps the various A&R departments informed about top sales per their requests, helping you get noticed. Labels are always looking for artists that can already bring their own success without a label. Demonstrating your own success through sales on H-Lounge is certainly a nice way to show them that you don’t need them.

So still need to talk with your manager or label?
Download our promo sheet to show them what’s up.

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