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CakeShop - The GiftShop

Use your Loungecakes to buy cool icons for your friends and fans!

  Description   Price
  Penguin Food
Protein, sugars, starch, vitamins C, B12 and riboflavin for a glossy coat. For use in feeding the H-Lounge Penguin.

  Puppy Kibble
A nice big bowl 'o chow for feeding your hyperactive pomeranian.

  Fish Food
Delicious orange and yellow flakes to keep your goldfish happy... and circling.

  Glass of Water
A tall glass of water. Half a glass actually. No ice even. Uh... at least it's cheap.

  Rawhide Chew Toy
A delicious and long-lasting treat for or all the H-Lounge animals. I mean damn, it's like a zoo in here.

  Kiss on the Cheek
A quickie smootch on the cheek. You'd think it would be free, but no, it costs 400 Loungecakes.

  Generic Dandelion Thing
Who doesn't like flowers! Well, people with hayfever, bee allergies and Anthrophobia (fear of flowers) for starters. For everyone else, it's an ideal gift!

  Overgrown Lollipop
Imported directly from Candy Mountain, the swirly delicious colors are a wonder to behold.
Goes great with the H-Lounge home dentistry kit.

  Mystery Gift
What's inside? I have no idea! It's probably empty! The suspense is killing me! If it's empty I'm gonna be pissed!

  Smelly, Moldy Sock
Maybe you don't like someone. Maybe it's because they suck and they rated all your music off the top 10. Express your dissatisfaction with this moldy sock.

  Big, Puffy Valentine Heart Thing
Express your romantic or platonic affection for your fellow artists with this big red heart thing.

  Birthday Loungecake
A quick tasty Loungecake to be eaten on your birthday. Not for children under 11, they choke on the wax/wrapper/catch themselves on fire.

  Evil Clown Lunchbox
Scare away bullies! Or just beat the snot out of them with it! Comes with matching thermos and sandwich.

  Half-eaten Taco
Another way to say 'Hey buddy, screw you too' but with a twist. It's not quite as bad as the sock because hey... you still get to eat the remaining half.

  Roast Goat
A delicious four-pound serving of steamy, undercooked, melt in your mouth roast goat.

  Headless Chicken
A plump, tasty chicken! That's uh, standing up for some reason. Damn that's creepy.

  WTF T-Shirt
Impress your friends and fans alike with your very own WTF t-shirt. Available in blue (shown here) and yellow.
S, M, L and XL sizes.

  Plush Green Octopus
A friendly green octopus. It's cute! Chicks love mollusks! It's stuffed so it doesn't bite!

  Plush Red Fishy
A cute little stuffed red fishy with white spikes. A perfect companion for the green octopus.

  Viking Action Figure
The HyperViking action figure features 12 fully articulated joints, double-bladed axe, severed head and beatin-stick (tm). Patent Pending.

  Levitating Droidbot
A small spherical robot to follow you around and act generally cute! With cool red fins to help it uh... levitate or something.

  Hockey Sticks
For the Hockey Rocker. But if anyone else wants the mask for a killing spree, here it is.

  Howler Monkey
Very cute, but all they do is scream 24/7. It gets pretty damned annoying after a while.

  Toy Dog
One of those adorably cute fluffy midget Pomeranian dogs that women like to keep in purses.

  Can 'o Bubbles
A can of soap and a rounded stick! Blow bubbles until you pass out! Wow!

  Bathtime Duckie
Cute! Yellow! Floats! Too big to fit down the drain. What more do you really want out of a toy? Buy two!

  Jack in the Box
Wind old Jack up, he pops out, gets bored and goes back in his box! Repeat. What an existence!

  Goldfish Bowl
A cute goldfish with round glass home. He swims! He eats! He wishes he had some gravel or plants but the artist is a slacker!

  Propeller Beanie
The propeller spins for nine hundred hours with a single pair of AA batteries!

  Chattering Teeth
The culmination of twenty years of plastics research and quite possibly the apex of gift technology. As noisy as they are deadly.

  Shrunken Head
A shrunken head for cursing, hexes, and other bad mojo. Incredibly cool and evil.

  Bling Bling
A few dozen ice-studded watches, rings and necklaces.
But pay up. Bling doesn't come cheap.


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At Last
Artist: PsycheOrigami

About PsycheOrigami: Real hiphop from the ATL - One MC and Two DJ's....
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