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H-Lounge is a digital music distribution tool designed for any level of artist: unsigned, indie, and major. We enable artists set up a storefront on H-Lounge as well as their own web pages, giving them 100% of the spotlight for their music.

How can I maximize my sales?
1. Post your H-Players… everywhere.
Displaying your music throughout the web can help potential fans discover you. One of the best ways to promote your music is post it on your website, Myspace and fans’ pages.

2. Tell your Fans.
Make sure to let your fans know that Your music is available as Ringtones and MP3s. Placing the HyperPlayer on your website and Myspace can help increase your fans’ awareness.

3. Keep Promoting
Promote like you were doing before, but now include H-Players and links to your H-Lounge Store on your newsletters, Myspace messages, comments, bulletin posts, show flyers etc.

Embeddable Widgets:
H-Lounge is set up as an attractive destination site for consumers, but the most success in sales comes from those who can effectively promote their music on their website or Myspace profile, ultimately, where your fans are.

H-Lounge now helps artists effectively promote their own music as well as help their fans purchase it easily. You can now have your own storefront wherever you want.
Why drag your fans to the store when you can bring the store to your fans?

H-Player “The Mini Player”

This little slick player allows you to promote your songs by posting it wherever you can. It is best used to share a single or particular song you are trying to sell or promote to your fans or potential fans. Fans can listen to the song wherever it is posted and, with the links added right below it, can go directly to the purchase page or your personal H-Lounge storefront.

Note: H-Players or any other flash content does not display in Myspace Messages.

HyperPlayer “The Big Player”

This functional player allows you to post your entire catalog of music wherever you want. Fans can browse through and listen to all of your music, then easily purchase the ones they want. This is perfect for artists who want to simply create a storefront on your own personal website.

Note: Since Myspace does not allow outbound links with the new flash update; so the hyperlinks under the H-Player were created to allow fans to purchase your music through H-Lounge.

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