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About Me:  Where the quantitative and the qualitative blend like watercolor, or fruit juice.


A huge thanks to MrGoatMilk and Bluewater Studios for putting my score in a "Machinima" animation. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s-JV_SAz3c)
Fans:  griffin, Richard, Facemelter, Ringtone VJ, brazuca, voodoodolly, vidpat, nonogirl123, magsteel, greeni, kody, Physis, XT, blackrocker, kidak47, mphonic, bleu, shoebottom, mitha, planet0, stalker61, rock4p, Idontusemine, Soloban1, steevee, rabidcentipede, Jeffyjef, lovely coconut, simplesounds, MrGoatMilk, joshee, FiNiX, magpie, Isomorphism, slinger, REG UNIT, ftdbb49, collerthanyou22, MatrixJet, audiophile, no one, diamond hornet, Hyperscore Dude, hockey rocker, harris327, Greebo, jc styles, xchantellex06x, Fbwrbb4, VWORLDS, Minko, 50p, Larrish, sabertooth, cruzito, Loath Point, crazykid123, DJ Cressey, pnmastr, saz, bloodstream, redman, Halo2Fan101, DMC, Devils Dog, max tac, Crespo, kerdask, MarchinChik27, toddbarducci, stevenman1114, lilnicka, david air, justis, DNOTE, DJ Flare, Bibi15, BLACK ACID, LadyLegion, djlooshkin, KB songs, placebo206, caution, Shane Lynch, kellyringtone, makai18, Spil, Esho, Drinky Fish, KONFIDENT, alexas, Fudgesicle, BDBG SQUAD, chokecoller, fenderocks, imyou, erv187, Whats Dat Zonk, Cannibal Kid, VARIETY, EmergeX, DJ iTwilight, SmoQ Digga, Beta 7x, Champs Corner, AntigrAvity
Fan Of:  griffin, Richard, Facemelter, Ringtone VJ, Hyperscore DJ, hdog, heineman, voodoodolly, vidpat, magsteel, XT, kidak47, mphonic, mitha, Make1Music, planet0, oek, Idontusemine, judenemo, Soloban1, steevee, Jeffyjef, MrGoatMilk, FiNiX, collerthanyou22, no one, Hyperscore Dude, Greebo, Fbwrbb4, VWORLDS, Minko, Larrish, Loath Point, bloodstream, redman, Devils Dog, Crespo, kerdask, toddbarducci, stevenman1114, lilnicka, justis, BLACK ACID, LadyLegion, KB songs, placebo206, Shane Lynch, PsycheOrigami, Junglefever778, Drinky Fish, KONFIDENT, Fudgesicle, TheAutumnsDefectiv, Aquavibe, erv187, VARIETY, EmergeX, DJ iTwilight, SmoQ Digga, AntigrAvity
Music:  Dance of the Raindrops, Waves along the Shore, Go For It, Valley of the Bells, Impending, Greensleeves v.1, Silver Lining, SoloDuel Response, Mystic Passage, Windchime Spirits, In the Carnival, Prowlers of the Deep, Not Chopsticks :P, Torrential, Lakeside Sunrise, ReCaptured, Andalouse Variant, Bailamos, Chopper Cruise, Valse Pastorale, The Little Explorers, Visit with the Homeys, To Wish, Pyramid of the Jungle, Mozart's Turkey Trot, So Be It, _________, Film Score for MGM, Iridescence, Twinkle-Winky Revolution, On the Road, Night Travelers, Beyond the Looking Glass, Bifurcation, Whimsical Contemplation, Quantum Cantabile, Breaking the Myst, Celestial Musing, AquaScape
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