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About StandingDown:

We are back in the studio recording our full-length album entitled, "Do What You Want" with producer Dave Pezza at White Noise Records! TO BE RELEASED IN APRIL 2007!

Formed in 2004, Standing Down, comprised of Jack, Ben, and Corbin at the time, entered the local band scene without much support, talent, or a singer. However, for a year they continued to work on their ability as musicians and eventually recorded a 6 track instrumental demo. Unsatisfied with the band, they sought a vocalist, and found none other than Tim Davey. For months they wrote lyrics and many new songs. In May of 2005, they entered the studio and recorded a 6 track CD, entitled "Bush To Join Elephants." Standing Down was no longer just a garage band, with CD's in every corner of the country and even some overseas, Standing Down has proven themselves as a band. In 2006, they recorded an acoustic ep featuring 6 tracks all self produced. Their original bassist moved to Seattle in '06 but they soon recruited Joe Anter to be the new bassist. Standing Down continues their success as they record their FULL LENGTH ALBUM, DUE OUT THIS APRIL!

Jack Graham - Guitar
Tim Davey - Vocals
Joe Anter - Bass
Corbin McGrath - Drums


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