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About snypez:
It all started when I was six years old. I was always listening to songs by Tupac Shakur. Every time I yeard a new song by Tupac(Makaveli) I always tried to memerise it. So once I memerised mostly all the songs by Tupac(Makaveli) I started entering talent shows peforming Tupac songs. Then at one Talent show when I was in 2nd grade going to Wilerd Elementary school I won the talent show. So everyone started trying to get me to peform at childrens birthday parties. So I did. So then I just kept on peforming at birthday parties making a little bit of money. But then at one show when I was 9 in the 3rd grade the parent that paid me to peform told me I should my own songs with my own beats. So that whole day I thought about what the parent had said to me and finnaly made up my mind that I was going to become a rapper and follow in Tupac's foot steps. Then when the next day came I hoped straight on my computer looking for programs that would allow me to create my own music. I had finnaly found a beat called Project 5. Once I found that program I started making beats but before I made a song I had to have lyics. So for the rest of the day I walked around my neighborhood trying to find good things to rap about. So after I got everything I needed written down all I did was make every thing ryme the first thing I had written down was " I got gold around my neck " then what I did was get somthing that Tupac would say like "Girls strippin off my clothes " then to make it ryme I put in "

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