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Amy Graham

About Amy Graham:
Amy gave her first concert in her grandmother’s living room at the age of 4. Picking up the guitar at 12, she incorporated her love of writing poetry into songwriting.

Pursuing a career in music, a vocal scholarship led her to the University of South Alabama. During her time on the gulf coast the seduction of a life of excess became a stronghold. After 4 years of performing in bars and trying to fill her heart with relationships, alcohol and drugs, Amy returned home defeated. Her heart longed for something music couldn’t provide.

After years of running from Christ His love led her to repentance. “I don’t sing for man’s approval anymore. That life is dead to me now. Jesus turned my heart of stone into a heart of flesh and I want everyone I meet to know how He changed my life. I want my music to reflect God’s character”, says Amy.

Produced by Jason Elgin (Creed, Collective Soul) the debut release, To The Full is the cry of a captive set free. The songs reflect a passionate desire to direct a dying world to the power and strength of God’s unlimited grace.

To The Full is currently featured on H-Lounge and the single “Born Again” is quickly climbing Indieheaven’s radio charts. Amy currently leads worship at various ministry events and resides in Birmingham, Al.


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