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of determined mcs emerge from the confines of state corrections in newyork.some master the transition from jailhouse rapper to fullfledge successful recording artist,others remain strictly underground and struggle to achieve record sales and popularity.brownsville brooklyn's st.laz is not the later of the two but a true artist,that has done nothing more than exceed month after month,year after year,on in his quest for rap supersatrdom.assembling a 8 man rap team (his group pottersfield),working with and helping the best new up and coming rappers get recognized and recruiting a staggering 50 producers under his own production team/network called the p.e.n (for producers everywhere networking);st.laz has created what many consider a "new industry",quickly becoming a star in the mixtape world,st.laz is on the "must play" list of many djs across the country,or the world for that matter.with music playing on radio stations in france,germany,africa,japan,italy,austrailia,canada,greece and many other countries,some are amazed at how laz single handedly promotes himself so effectively.knowing and seeing how the internet is rapidly changing the face of has established himself early as one of the greats amongst the online hip-hop community.laz is literally the most sought out and highly promoted unsigned rap artist on the entire world wide web,he is a houshold name to many of the billions of online hip-hop listeners.building a major fanbase and getting people used to


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