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About ryanjoy03:
RyanJoy! is the hottest, new singer on the scene! Executives throughout the entertainment industry have slated her as a "young Madonna". Her music is guaranteed to take you to a new level and her stage presence is unlike any other. RyanJoy!s music is certain to make you dance. Her stage show combines lyrical pop moves, strong vocals, and a storyline which allows the audience to become part of the show. RyanJoy! has a very diverse ideal when it comes to music, and doesn't believe in targeting just one audience. Her music is a culmination of pop, r&b and urban beats. The effectiveness of her efforts for diversity are evident not only by her fan support at her shows, but also by the response received from all across the world via her website, According to RyanJoy! "I want people to feel my music when I'm performing at a concert. I love looking out and seeing people singing the lyrics like they're their own. My music is strictly for the fans, no matter what age or background. Without them, I wouldn't be here!. This 25 year old Tampa native, RyanJoy! began performing at the age of 12 as a dancer and host on Club TV, a local MTV-style show. This provided her the opportunity to join a the hip hop dance group, Triple Take, which traveled throughout Florida performing at various schools, venues, and competitions. She has also worked with Willa Ford and other local artists throughout Florida. Some of RyanJoy!'s performances include: Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary


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Net Worth: 1,950  Loungecakes


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