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H-Lounge and Hyperscore are featured on New England Cable News
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Marketplace Press Release Announces Hyperscore(R) Ringtone Competition
Judged by U2's Edge and MIT Luminaries

H-Lounge Announces Debut of
Gives New Depth to Online Social Networking With
Ability to Make and Share Music

IMEA Berlin, 3 August 2005
Harmony Line announced as a Finalist in 2005 Popkomm-IMEA awards

The Union Tribune, 30 August 2004
MIT’s Hyperscore program merges technology and music composition

Discovery Channel
16.9MB MOV | 17.8MB AVI

The New York Times, 3 June 2003
Playing Music as a Toy, and a Toy as Music
(PDF Format)

Boston Globe, 28 April 2003
‘Toy’ brings joy of music to life (PDF Format)

BBC Music Magazine, 15 August 2002
Composing is Child’s Play

The New York Times, 27 May 2002 
From a Few Colored Lines Comes the Sound of Music (PDF Format)

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