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Artist: Shane Lynch

Joined:  July 6, 2006
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About Me:  Place of birth: USA
Age: 14

I like just about every genre of music, but I mainly like rock and electronica...

I hope you enjoy my music. I realize it's not what everybody likes, but I like it!

I made my av... (^_^)

Check out my Fruity Loops Competition on the Events page!

My monkey is called 'Teh Funkeh Munkeh' and he likes to say 'Teh Funkeh Munkeh's on fieh!' (^_^)
Fans:  Richard, Ringtone VJ, hiqlokey, ModularBlues, Idontusemine, steevee, MrGoatMilk, FiNiX, ftdbb49, collerthanyou22, NeonEvangilist, Hyperscore Dude, Larrish, sabertooth, cruzito, Loath Point, noodley, crazykid123, saz, shigeryu1210, Applehead McMaster, kerdask, lilnicka, DNOTE, Rooki, BLACK ACID, LadyLegion, King of Muisc, elliotthedunk, KB songs, makai18, WolfMixa, Producer JD, Spil, BDBG SQUAD, natechisley, flipside77, Homegirl, tempory, JV, TheAutumnsDefectiv, Cannibal Kid, DJ iTwilight, djrewindice, Beta 7x, davesings, Champs Corner, Lirael the princes, AntigrAvity
Fan Of:  Richard, vidpat, XT, ModularBlues, mphonic, Idontusemine, judenemo, steevee, MrGoatMilk, NeonEvangilist, Hyperscore Dude, VWORLDS, Larrish, Loath Point, shigeryu1210, kerdask, DNOTE, BLACK ACID, LadyLegion, elliotthedunk, BOX, larkyfarken, Fudgesicle, flipside77, TheAutumnsDefectiv, Dj Nox, erv187, Fruity Loops Studi, revelationtheory, CUBWORLD, diesal99, ben trexel, Dj Silvia1, DJ iTwilight, Beta 7x, Lirael the princes, StandingDown
Music:  The Sour Strings, The Kiddy Song, At The Races, The Startup, Freak Out!, Sunshine, Freak Out! [Remixed], Gridation & Chops [Remix, Chopstix [Remixed], Reach For The Stars, Carved In Stone, Trouble, Carved In Stone [Remixed, The Getaway, Bob [Remixed], Thieving Contest, jfcomp, jfcomp [Remixed], Renegade #1, Harmonious Hardcore [Rem, The Startup [Remixed], Silent Goodbye [Remixed], TheFurEliseSequence(HS), The Secret Garden, The Secret Garden [Remix, Cloak Of Lies, InTheRealmOfShadows, Classidance, Rocker From Hell, Melodia De Arpas, Disco Session I, Disco Session II, Come As You Are, Failed Experiment [Remix, Starlight, HarmoniousHardcore[R]V2, Simple Pleasures, Rodeo Fun, Luce Del Mondo, EscapeFromTheSecretGarde, Shadowdance, Falling Leaves, Ultimatum, HarmoniousHardcore[R]V3, Starry Night, Starry Night [Remixed], Unseen [For VW], Heaven, MixedInstrumentalJam, The Village Dance, HarmoniousHardcore[R]V4, Project:BOA[STATUS:FAILE, Plug In Baby, HH[R]V2[Reinterpretted], Sacred Temple, Moonlight [Intro], Error IV, SilentGoodbye[R]V2, Farewell 2.0, MelodiaDeArpas2.0, Inferno, Cut Throat, Reaction, Abztrakt, The Project
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