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About Crespo:
Hello..My name is Spencer i am 13.....

don't say it's to repetative cuz I knowand I'm fine with it thanks~~~ Lilnika

olleh ym eman si recneps i evil ni yellewdick selaw, i desu ot evil ni dnalgne i evol ti ereht

So!! I have many new tunes up!! I will be Getting More up Though Im trying to recah More that 100 :P I can try :) So! Thanks Vworlds For ALL of your Help i appreciate it ;) And! I will also be making Ringtones to buy :) I have 62 Fans and 34 Songs!!! Wow! :) Message and comment me I would Appreciate It! I like People to chat with!! Also Comment and rate my Music 5/5 It would be a help!! And - Im a Dj and A Mc! I have numark Decks, Casio Keyboard and A herold Gitaur!! I have a great Sound System-- Itd a Dvd and Cd player in one! They are ONKYO And there Very nice! I use them when I Dj at my youth club!!! :) On bebo I have 8000 Fans :S To much For ME to keep up with!! Thanks Richard for making h-lounge! what Would i do without it!!! :) ;) :P
Not much! I also have (Computer wise) Fl studio, Hyperscore, Acid pro and Avs media Tools! Wich only two work- FL and Hyperscore! :( Shame because I havent been able to mega mix Recently :( :) But il Fix them!!
I have Made a come Back! ! i Couldent remember my password :( Damn But then i remembered that i save all my passwords on a notepad file :/
Which is good :) i currently have 26,226 Loungecakes :) Wich is good for a dumm ass like me :) But i have been of for a while!! BUT BACK

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Net Worth: 6,950  Loungecakes


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