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About SoulBruva:

SoulBruva.........Music Artist/Presenter/Promoter/Actor......... I love Soul/R&B Music, my love for music started from a young age (about nine) & as I grew up, I fell in love with Rap music too, so i decided 2 combined singing and rapping together, then I started recording in 2004 as an Artist.

I would describe my style as positive, funny, inspiring music, touching on life situations & relationships, ranging from personal to universal, real music (from my point of view) which all have positive msg's (if u take time 2 really listen 2 da lyrics). My tracks range from slow and melodic to mid-tempo to fast tracks, so there's something for everyone, be sure to to listen out for my tracks!!! I write all my songs, I love the flow of lyrics, and in the middle of working on a few projects, i want to develop myself as a gr8 Music Artist, sumting im workin on, you neva stop learnin, it's all about da music, so WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!

Check me ou Live on set of da UKflow show, on an international web cam (Every Thurs) 6pm til 8pm:


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