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About BuckHead:
The New Familia the First Group to sign with Buckhead. The Artist are as follow: Lynn Smith AKA $wann - Swann the father too them all. He put this crew together. Tamyka Green AKA Purple Reighn - Purple Reighn is da 1st lady of Buckhead Records she is da only artist under the record company thats a member of both of the groups she's like a big sister to the other female artist under the lable her style is unique & outgoing, and she still haves time to rip shows. Gary Whitaker AKA JR - J.R. is like da quiet storm he sit back and wait wait wait then rain on them when we need a hit record he is very valuable to the team. Carlos Paker AKA LIL Los - This young boy here takes the cake and run wit it he's real exsplosive on tracks and will have you pressing rewind because you are going to want here again his style of rap is destin to have him as won of the elite rappers in da future. Ricardo Miller AKA Dark Cyde - This young boy came to the company to do a colabo and he love the company and the company love him. So he stayed. His punch lines are incredable. He will have you pressing rewind too. He also will be one of the elite rappers in da future. Thomas Stokes AKA Unk Tom - Unk comin to us from MFL. He's just as his name say. He's the Unk to us all and his flow is incredable cause you know how artirt flow on beat, around beat, he flow over the beat. You have to hear him to belive it


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