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About MrQuesada:
Whats up this your boy Mr. Quesada, but my real name is Franklin Quesada lol yup yup. I'm 17 and a future star lol, i love sports like basketball and football, i LOVE MUSIC as u can see, i make my own beats right my own lyrics and make hits, i like everybody who is real wit me i love to be anybody's friend lol, im not in to all that drama u gotta problem don't worry i can solve it, but i hate math lol, i like to chill have fun i don't do drugs believe it or not, i dont drink that much lol, and i'm not concieded lol even tho err'body thinks im am cuz i look fine lol j/p, and for those haters out there, MY BIGGEST FANS lol, FUCK YOU, and u can hate all u want but imma get mine and imma get your gurl to if u dont watch your back, and for u gurls that hate ur just mad cuz all your homegurls want me, jaja BITCHES, so if u want to know anymore bout me just right me a message i right back to everybody so dont be scared, holla at you later, LATE.


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