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About AmieDibba:
Amie Dibba known to some as Amina, is an inspiring young woman that is determined to make positive change in the life of the average Gambian female. At age 21, she has gained so much admiration, fame, popularity and respect from her mates and younger ones. Amie is an American citizen born of Gambian parents in Texas but has lived in Minnesota since the age of two. Amie has decided to stay connected to her roots and strongly states “I AM GAMBIAN!“. She recently emerged as MISS GAMBIA USA 2006/2007. What is amazing about Amie is her dexterity and versatility as she does quite a lot of things all of which she is very good at. She just came back from The Gambia to cover the African Union summit and also interviewed about 17 local talents. Amie is indeed a role model who is very humble, hard working and focused. Young Amie Dibba is also a musician. She has already produced seven promotional singles by herself on her computer. “My first love was music. My goal is to become a national recording artist. I am teaching myself how to produce and arrange music. I focus strongly on writing meaningful lyric.


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