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About dwatts:
I am D~Watts, a singer in the great city of Birmingham, Alabama. My life is a living testimony of the great things that God can do for each and every one of us. I am also living proof that your dreams and desires can come true. I spent six years singing cover tunes in local venues, but it had always been my dream to sing and to write my own songs...."I think therefore I am." My first album, "My Own Way," released in 2005, depicts the beginning of a journey in my life. Each song reflects a moment of truth experienced first-hand. The second album, "Brand New Start," to be released January 2007, continues this journey with the obvious direction of my life turning back to where I started....with God as my Everything. When I started singing and writing, I never knew that it would lead me to this place in my life, but I am so thankful that it did. God has touched and changed my life through this music and it is my prayer that it does the same for you.------ I am blessed in everything I do and especially blessed to have musical genius, Ben Trexel, writing and producing the music that inspires and fits the message that all things are possible and life is worth living. I hope that those reading this will open up your heart and mind to the endless love, grace, and life that can only be found in Jesus Christ. May your life be blue skies.


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