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Variety began when Anthony (Tony) was brought to an audition by one of his friends to play the piano; this was nothing serious at first, just a gig for fun. Once Tony met up with the group he found out that one of the members of this group he knew from back in the school days which happen to be Louie Sierra. So it was all love from the beginning. Current to this date some of members who had audition for the group Variety became members but over time chose different careers therefore they are no longer with the group. In their hearts Tony and Louie knew that there was more to it (Variety) than what could be seen with the eyes, so they have kept going strong and likewise their friendship grew even tighter. Tony and Louie began putting together their first album on Louie's computer with a cheap microphone and keyboard. When producing this first album now completed as RnB Smoove, there was a time and period due to some of the hardship both Tony and Louie were experiencing in their personal lives they had initially intended to name it Enjoy the Ride! This was being done with hopes of Keeping Their Passion Alive as they would soon see themselves as struggling growing artists in the entertainment world Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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